03月26日17年 House to feel like home

For a house to feel like home, you’ve really got to feel comfortable inside its walls. After you shuck off your shoes and take that first step, the ‘welcome home’ greeting, the very first tactile sensation, is the contact between the soles of your feet and the floor. And what kind of greeting will that be?


03月10日17年 Double-glazing

Years ago, I was returning home from work, wearing what felt like half of my wardrobe - leggings, pants tucked into two pairs of thick socks, two undershirts, a sweater, coat, scarf, gloves... and just for good measure I’d let my beard grow out in a vain effort to provide...


03月03日17年 Doors

Today I’m going to talk about doors. Doors, by design, facilitate the movement of bodies from one space to another. They also act as a barrier, fulfilling each space’s need for individual privacy. However, it’s less often that doors are as generous with their benefits to light as they are to people.


02月24日17年 Light, space and togetherness

Good morning Japan, and today we’re very to happy to tell you a story about how on2architects has successfully managed to bring a little more light into someone’s world - quite literally in fact!


02月17日17年 Lack of space

An enduring difficulty we are forced to live with in Japan is lack of space. Particularly if you’re living in the city, undoubtedly this is a problem you are directly affected by. Small, one room apartments can sometimes feel like a prison - what can we do to mitigate this feeling?


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