Competition First Prize!

We are thrilled to announce that our Boke House has won First Prize at the myhome Ltd.’s Living x Hobby Housing Competition! We are extremely pleased that we were able to present our designs to so many people, and even more so that you enjoyed them! Lots of fantastic entrants, it was an honor to be featured among them.

For details → http://www.myhome-co.com/compe/


Free consultation sessions

On Sunday March 26 10am-6pm we have rented gallery space in Higashi-cho, Kasugai, and will be holding free consultation sessions!

If you have any question regarding renovations, changes or adjustments to your home - even little things - please stop by and say hi! We're more than happy to give you any assistance that we can offer.

We're really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Ether House / House of hobbies


An ethereal residence containing life that seemingly floats in the air, a minimalist structure with a main living core and versatile space that extends outward into the city.

Boke house / Outdoor living inside


Blurring the line between inside and outside – the boundary is redefined as a buffer zone, a place where inhabitants can play and enjoy their hobbies and benefit from the best of both worlds.

Sky Scout EXPWY / Stairway surrounded by the sky


IA tribute to Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the Sun and sky – a stairway that extends up into the heavens, a symbol of our road to tomorrow.


Place / Construction Time / Commitment / Concept / Design / Budget / Function / Form / Lifestyle

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Approach to Design

Freedom of Expression


Nature and Enviroment

Everybody Creates



The freedom to take ideas both from pre-existing concepts, but also to imagine, to


invent new ideas, and give them life in the form of architecture.

Not only considering the world that appears before our eyes, but also looking to the


future, creating architecture with a clear understanding of the what may come.

Everybody benefits from architecture. So, everybody thinks, everybody co-operates,


and everybody creates.

Inside the minds of each of our clients, there is a concept. We draw this concept out,


and make it a reality.

We strive to build the most accurate representation of the building you envision.


What we can offer



We aim not only to create a building that is convenient and comfortable - we are committed to to work together with our clients to create something that is well-considered, thoughtful and special.



Eco-friendly housing


Dokodemo Desk


A place for everything


House to feel like home

Good news for those who are considering renovation!

I’d like to ask you to do something for me very quickly. It may seem strange at firs, but...

“A place for everything and everything in it’s place”


For a house to feel like home, you’ve really got to feel comfortable inside its walls.

If you’re having design related troubles, leave it to on2 Architects architectural office in Nagoya city, Chikusa-ku. Our office in Nagoya, Aichi is not your usual architecture practice - we’re probably completely different to what you’ve come to expect from designers:

Multi-lingual. Flexible. A sense of humour! A group of individuals brimming with international experience.on2 Architects will help to make your dreams of an ideal home into a reality.

Our previous clients have said that we’re ‘easy to talk to’, ‘polite and kind’, ‘fresh’, ‘fashionable’, and that we ‘don’t just make ideas, but also put into action’.Maybe you can sense... we’re a little worried that you might be thinking: ‘are we OK with a small practice like this?’ But please, be assured. We’ve exceeded the expectations of our previous clients, and more.

When it comes to expertise, our work will not be outclassed by other design firms. Based on the achievements, wisdom and sophistication gained from our collective experiences overseas, we are ready to tackle any project with skill and finesse. on2 Architects will do everything in our power to ensure your ideal home is realised.

To that end, for those considering a new construction or renovation, we will design at no cost. If you need something more design-oriented, something unique, individual and well-considered, we can create something for you free-of-charge.

Since many housing developers often simply give a choice from a limited number of pre-designed buildings, uniqueness is impossible. Price and speed are paramount. Which leaves client’s imagination untapped, the potential unseen. On the other hand, with our practice, your vision can become a reality.  The freedom for you to choose, to input, to join us in the design process is essential to us.

Generally, design practices require a fee to undertake work, but at on2 Architects no fee is required.  We are simply happy to design and to have the opportunity to show our work to the world.  Whether you just need architectural design assistance, or you’re looking for original designs that challenge ordinary expectations, please get in touch.  on2 Architects will help you to realise your dreams with passion and professionalism.

on2 Architects





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